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1808 Copenhagen Securities Exchange (non-profit organization) starts trading.
1863 Stockholm Securities Exchange (Stockholms Fondbörs) founded.
1912 Helsinki Securities Exchange established.
1985 Iceland Stock Exchange ICEX established OM (Optionsmarknaden) starts derivatives trading in Stockholm.
1987 OM world's first publicly listed exchange SOM (Finland's Options Market) established.
1988 Danish options and futures trading starts in Copenhagen Exchange.
1989 ICEX launched its first trading system
1990 First automated securities trading system SAX at Stockholm Stock Exchange.
Helsinki securities moves to electronic trading.
First equities listed in Iceland.
1991 World's first integrated derivatives trading and clearing system at Stockholm Stock Exchange.
Trading starts in Icelandic equities.
1992 The Vilnius Stock Exchange was established and held its first session with 19 securities listed.
1993 Stockholm Stock Exchange becomes a limited liability company.
Riga Stock Exchange founded.
1994 Stockholm Stock Exchange first exchange in Europe to accept remote members.
1995 Tallinn Stock Exchange founded.
Helsinki Securities Exchange (HAP) becomes a limited company
1996 Copenhagen Stock Exchange becomes a limited company.
The Tallinn Stock Exchange was opened in May for trading with 11 securities listed.
1997 OM creates derivatives link network Merger of SOM (Finland's Options Market) and HAP -> HEX Ltd
1998 Merger of OM and Stockholm Stock Exchange -> OM Group.
The exchanges in Copenhagen and Stockholm entered into a strategic alliance named NOREX Alliance. The NOREX Alliance was unique by being the first stock exchange alliance to implement a joint system for equity trading and harmonise rules and requirements between the exchanges with respect to trading and membership.
Vilnius Stock Exchange beacame a public limited company.
1999 HEX and Finnish Central Depository form HEX Group
Iceland Stock Exchange becomes a limited liability company
2000 TSE and Estonian Central Depository join -> TSE Group Joint Baltic List announced.
The Iceland Stock Exchange became a partner in the NOREX Alliance and moved its trading to the common trading psystem SAXESS later the same year.
2001 HEX acquires strategic ownership of TSE Group.
Common member and trading rules instituted in Nordic region.
Oslo Bors moved its share trading to the NOREX Alliance's common trading system SAXESS.
2002 Formation of EDX derivatives exchange - OM and London Stock Exchange
Riga Stock Exchange joins with Latvian Central Depository.
HEX becomes major shareholder of RSE Group ICEX.
ISD (Icelandic Securities Depository) establish a joint holding company.
2003 Merger of OM and HEX Group -> OMHEX
Faroese bonds listed on ICEX.
2004 Acquisition of Vilnius Stock Exchange.
Finnish and Swedish Central Securities Depositories (APK and VPC) merge to form NCSD, which later becomes a part of Euroclear Group.
OMHEX brand name changed to OMX.
Implementation of joint trading platform on all Nordic exchanges.
ICEX opens an ETF market.
2005 Merger of OMX and Copenhagen Stock Exchange.
Alternative market First North is started in Denmark.
Foreign equities listed for the first time on ICEX.
2006 Launch of OMX Nordic Exchange brand (Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen).
Introduction of common presentation of Nordic listed companies and harmonized Nordic listing requirements.
Trading starts on the alternative market iSEC on Iceland Stock Exchange.
Merger of OMX and Iceland Stock Exchange (incl. Icelandic Central Depository)
2007 First North launched in Sweden and Finland. Iceland iSEC becomes First North.
OMX acquires Armenian Stock Exchange.
NASDAQ aqcuires OMX and the NASDAQ OMX Group is born.
2008 NASDAQ OMX acquires parts of Nord Pool which becomes NASDAQ OMX Commodities.
2009 NASDAQ OMX Stockholm opens for trading in the most turnovered Norwegian shares.

NASDAQ OMX launches common INET trading platform across its seven Nordic and Baltic equity markets.

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