Companies listed on Nasdaq Helsinki

Companies below are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. For viewing other markets or segments, please use the links in the right column.

Name Symbol Currency ISIN Sector ICB Code Fact Sheet
Cargotec Oyj CGCBV EUR FI0009013429 Industrials 5020
Citycon Oyj CTY1S EUR FI4000369947 Real Estate 3510
Elisa Oyj ELISA EUR FI0009007884 Telecommunications 1510
Fortum Oyj FORTUM EUR FI0009007132 Utilities 6510
Fiskars Oyj Abp FSKRS EUR FI0009000400 Consumer Services 4020
Huhtamäki Oyj HUH1V EUR FI0009000459 Industrials 5020
Konecranes Oyj KCR EUR FI0009005870 Industrials 5020
Kemira Oyj KEMIRA EUR FI0009004824 Basic Materials 5520
Kesko Oyj A KESKOA EUR FI0009007900 Consumer Goods 4520
Kesko Oyj B KESKOB EUR FI0009000202 Consumer Goods 4520
KONE Oyj KNEBV EUR FI0009013403 Industrials 5020
Kojamo Oyj KOJAMO EUR FI4000312251 Real Estate 3510
Mandatum MANTA EUR FI4000552526 Financials 3020
Metsä Board Oyj A METSA EUR FI0009000640 Basic Materials 5510
Metsä Board Oyj B METSB EUR FI0009000665 Basic Materials 5510
Metso Oyj METSO EUR FI0009014575 Industrials 5020
Nordea Bank Abp NDA FI EUR FI4000297767 Financials 3010
Neste Oyj NESTE EUR FI0009013296 Energy 6010
Nokia Oyj NOKIA EUR FI0009000681 Telecommunications 1510
Orion Oyj A ORNAV EUR FI0009014369 Health Care 2010
Orion Oyj B ORNBV EUR FI0009014377 Health Care 2010
Outokumpu Oyj OUT1V EUR FI0009002422 Basic Materials 5510
Qt Group Oyj QTCOM EUR FI4000198031 Technology 1010
Revenio Group Oyj REG1V EUR FI0009010912 Health Care 2010
Sampo Oyj A SAMPO EUR FI4000552500 Financials 3030
Sanoma Oyj SANOMA EUR FI0009007694 Consumer Services 4030
SSAB A SSABAH EUR SE0000171100 Basic Materials 5510
SSAB B SSABBH EUR SE0000120669 Basic Materials 5510
Stora Enso Oyj A STEAV EUR FI0009005953 Basic Materials 5510
Stora Enso Oyj R STERV EUR FI0009005961 Basic Materials 5510
Telia Company TELIA1 EUR SE0000667925 Telecommunications 1510
TietoEVRY Oyj TIETO EUR FI0009000277 Technology 1010
Nokian Renkaat Oyj TYRES EUR FI0009005318 Consumer Services 4010
UPM-Kymmene Oyj UPM EUR FI0009005987 Basic Materials 5510
Uponor Oyj UPONOR EUR FI0009002158 Industrials 5010
Vaisala Oyj A VAIAS EUR FI0009900682 Industrials 5020
Valmet Oyj VALMT EUR FI4000074984 Industrials 5020
Wärtsilä Oyj Abp WRT1V EUR FI0009003727 Industrials 5020
Aktia Bank Abp AKTIA EUR FI4000058870 Financials 3010
Ålandsbanken Abp A ALBAV EUR FI0009000103 Financials 3010
Ålandsbanken Abp B ALBBV EUR FI0009001127 Financials 3010
Alma Media Oyj ALMA EUR FI0009013114 Consumer Services 4030
Anora Group Oyj ANORA EUR FI4000292438 Consumer Goods 4510
Aspo Oyj ASPO EUR FI0009008072 Industrials 5020
Atria Oyj A ATRAV EUR FI0009006548 Consumer Goods 4510
Bittium Oyj BITTI EUR FI0009007264 Technology 1010
CapMan Oyj CAPMAN EUR FI0009009377 Financials 3020
Caverion Oyj CAV1V EUR FI4000062781 Industrials 5020
Digia Oyj DIGIA EUR FI0009007983 Technology 1010
Enento Group Oyj ENENTO EUR FI4000123195 Financials 3020
eQ Oyj EQV1V EUR FI0009009617 Financials 3020
Etteplan Oyj ETTE EUR FI0009008650 Industrials 5020
Evli Oyj EVLI EUR FI4000513437 Financials 3020
Finnair Oyj FIA1S EUR FI0009003230 Consumer Services 4050
F-Secure Oyj FSECURE EUR FI4000519236 Technology 1010
Gofore Oyj GOFORE EUR FI4000283130 Technology 1010
Harvia Oyj HARVIA EUR FI4000306873 Consumer Services 4020
Incap Oyj ICP1V EUR FI0009006407 Industrials 5020
Kamux Oyj KAMUX EUR FI4000206750 Consumer Services 4040
Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj LAT1V EUR FI0009010854 Utilities 6510
Marimekko Oyj MEKKO EUR FI0009007660 Consumer Services 4020
Musti Group Oyj MUSTI EUR FI4000410758 Consumer Services 4040
NoHo Partners Oyj NOHO EUR FI4000064332 Consumer Services 4050
Oriola Oyj A OKDAV EUR FI0009014344 Health Care 2010
Oriola Oyj B OKDBV EUR FI0009014351 Health Care 2010
Olvi Oyj A OLVAS EUR FI0009900401 Consumer Goods 4510
Oma Säästöpankki Oyj OMASP EUR FI4000306733 Financials 3010
Pihlajalinna Oyj PIHLIS EUR FI4000092556 Health Care 2010
Ponsse Oyj 1 PON1V EUR FI0009005078 Industrials 5020
Purmo Group Oyj C PURMO EUR FI4000507488 Industrials 5010
Puuilo Oyj PUUILO EUR FI4000507124 Consumer Services 4040
Raisio Oyj Vaihto-osake RAIVV EUR FI0009002943 Consumer Goods 4510
Rapala VMC Oyj RAP1V EUR FI0009007355 Consumer Services 4020
Relais Group Oyj RELAIS EUR FI4000391487 Consumer Services 4010
Remedy Entertainment Oyj REMEDY EUR FI4000251897 Consumer Services 4020
Scanfil Oyj SCANFL EUR FI4000029905 Industrials 5020
Sitowise Group Oyj SITOWS EUR FI4000480215 Industrials 5010
Stockmann Oyj Abp STOCKA EUR FI0009000251 Consumer Services 4040
Suominen Oyj SUY1V EUR FI0009010862 Consumer Goods 4520
Taaleri Oyj TAALA EUR FI4000062195 Financials 3010
AS Tallink Grupp FDR TALLINK EUR FI4000349378 Consumer Services 4050
Tecnotree Oyj TEM1V EUR FI0009010227 Technology 1010
Talenom Oyj TNOM EUR FI4000153580 Industrials 5020
Tokmanni Group Oyj TOKMAN EUR FI4000197934 Consumer Services 4040
Terveystalo Oyj TTALO EUR FI4000252127 Health Care 2010
Viking Line Abp VIK1V EUR FI0009005250 Consumer Services 4050
WithSecure Oyj WITH EUR FI4000519228 Technology 1010
YIT Oyj YIT EUR FI0009800643 Industrials 5010
Aspocomp Group Oyj ACG1V EUR FI0009008080 Technology 1010
Afarak Group AFAGR EUR FI0009800098 Basic Materials 5510
Alisa Pankki Oyj ALISA EUR FI4000170915 Financials 3010
Apetit Oyj APETIT EUR FI0009003503 Consumer Goods 4510
Biohit Oyj B BIOBV EUR FI0009005482 Health Care 2010
Boreo Oyj BOREO EUR FI0009900724 Industrials 5020
Consti Oyj CONSTI EUR FI4000178256 Industrials 5020
Componenta Oyj CTH1V EUR FI4000476783 Basic Materials 5510
Digitalist Group Oyj DIGIGR EUR FI0009008007 Technology 1010
Dovre Group Oyj DOV1V EUR FI0009008098 Industrials 5020
Eezy Oyj EEZY EUR FI4000322326 Industrials 5020
Elecster Oyj A ELEAV EUR FI0009900658 Industrials 5020
Enersense International Oyj ESENSE EUR FI4000301585 Industrials 5020
Exel Composites Oyj EXL1V EUR FI0009007306 Industrials 5020
Glaston Oyj Abp GLA1V EUR FI4000369657 Industrials 5010
HKScan Oyj A HKSAV EUR FI0009006308 Consumer Goods 4510
Honkarakenne Oyj B HONBS EUR FI0009900104 Consumer Services 4020
Innofactor Plc IFA1V EUR FI0009007637 Technology 1010
Ilkka Oyj 2 ILKKA2 EUR FI0009800205 Consumer Services 4030
Investors House Oyj INVEST EUR FI0009900559 Real Estate 3510
Kesla Oyj A KELAS EUR FI0009900237 Industrials 5020
KH Group Oyj KHG EUR FI0009008924 Industrials 5020
Koskisen Oyj KOSKI EUR FI4000533005 Basic Materials 5510
Kreate Group Oyj KREATE EUR FI4000476866 Industrials 5010
Keskisuomalainen Oyj A KSLAV EUR FI0009007546 Consumer Services 4030
Lamor Corporation Oyj LAMOR EUR FI4000512488 Utilities 6510
Lehto Group Oyj LEHTO EUR FI4000081138 Industrials 5010
Martela Oyj A MARAS EUR FI0009900385 Consumer Services 4020
Nurminen Logistics Oyj NLG1V EUR FI0009900187 Industrials 5020
Optomed Oyj OPTOMED EUR FI4000410881 Health Care 2010
Orthex Oyj ORTHEX EUR FI4000480504 Consumer Services 4020
Ovaro Kiinteistösijoitus Oyj OVARO EUR FI4000349113 Real Estate 3510
Endomines Finland Oyj PAMPALO EUR FI4000508023 Basic Materials 5510
Panostaja Oyj PNA1V EUR FI0009800379 Financials 3020
PunaMusta Media Oyj PUMU EUR FI0009900468 Consumer Services 4030
QPR Software Oyj QPR1V EUR FI0009008668 Technology 1010
Raute Oyj RAUTE EUR FI0009004741 Industrials 5020
Reka Industrial Oyj REKA EUR FI0009800296 Industrials 5020
Robit Oyj ROBIT EUR FI4000150016 Industrials 5020
Saga Furs Oyj C SAGCV EUR FI0009800551 Consumer Services 4020
Siili Solutions Oyj SIILI EUR FI4000043435 Technology 1010
Solteq Oyj SOLTEQ EUR FI0009007991 Technology 1010
Sotkamo Silver AB SOSI1 EUR SE0001057910 Basic Materials 5510
SRV Yhtiöt Oyj SRV1V EUR FI4000523675 Industrials 5010
SSH Communications Security SSH1V EUR FI0009008270 Technology 1010
Teleste Oyj TLT1V EUR FI0009007728 Telecommunications 1510
Trainers´ House Oyj TRH1V EUR FI4000519202 Technology 1010
Tulikivi Oyj A TULAV EUR FI0009900583 Industrials 5010
United Bankers Oyj UNITED EUR FI4000081427 Financials 3020
Valoe Oyj VALOE EUR FI4000561576 Industrials 5020 Oyj VERK EUR FI4000049812 Consumer Services 4040
Wetteri Oyj WETTERI EUR FI0009012793 Consumer Services 4040
Wulff-Yhtiöt Oyj WUF1V EUR FI0009008452 Industrials 5020