Introducing a Revolutionary Way to Learn and Explore Options

Nasdaq is proud to announce our latest partnership with OptionsPlay to bring intuitive options education with actionable trading ideas.


For free education and access to the options tool



With OptionsPlay, private investors will get free access to an analytics tool, educational materials and strategic insights. You will also learn how to generate income in different market conditions, hedge your portfolio and seek trading opportunities. OptionsPlay makes exploring and comparing different strategies instant and easy!

Trading Made Simple

Unbiased historical analysis of many stocks every day, searching for technical buy and sell signals. OptionsPlay makes it easier to find the investment that's right for you.

Trade Strategy Visualization

Compare any three trading strategies for any stock with ease. The proprietary OptionsPlay Score makes it simple to evaluate the risk and reward, probability of profit, and breakeven price for any trade. Build complex orders instantly and validate the trade using a unique strategy checklist.


Analytics For Everyone

Trade signals and supporting technical data presented simply. Additional price action analysis, support and resistance levels, and trend indicators for any stock are easily identifiable to help your research and decision making.



Income Generation Tools

OptionsPlay can help you find the call series to write against a stock position, or the put to write as an alternative to purchasing stock based on analytics and your market outlook.