Lifco AB

Stockholm, November 21, 2014

Nasdaq  announced that Lifco AB (short name: LIFCO B), a Mid Cap company within the Industrials sector, has started trading of its shares on the main market of Nasdaq Stockholm. Lifco is, including switches, the 21st company to list at Nasdaq’s Nordic main markets in 2014 (Nasdaq Stockholm; Helsinki; Copenhagen and Iceland).

Lifco’s business idea is to acquire and develop market leading, niched companies. The company’s aim is to secure that the subsidiaries continuously improve earnings and deliver strong cash flows. Lifco is guided by its corporate philosophy implying a long-term investment profile, focus on profitability and a highly decentralized organization.

View the listing film (In Swedish)

The Lifco team gather to celebrate the listing of the Lifco share

Fredrik Karlsson, Lifcos CEO, tolls the bell

Carl Bennet, Chairman of Lifco, Magnus Billing, Nasdaq and Fredrik Karlsson, CEO Lifco