Sprint Bioscience

November 7

Nasdaq announces that the trading in Sprint Bioscience AB (shortname: SPRINT) shares commenced today on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm. Sprint Bioscience belongs to the Healthcare sector and is the 36th company to be admitted to trading on First North’s Nordic markets (Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Iceland) in 2014.

Sprint Bioscience is a Swedish biotechnology firm that works to deliver the foundation for new cancer drugs to the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s mission is to speed up development of novel therapies exploiting cancer metabolism and lipid signaling. For more information, visit www.sprintbioscience.com.

“With today’s First North listing I’m pleased that we can continue to develop our strategy and grow our business”, said Anders Åberg, CEO, Sprint Bioscience.

“Nasdaq welcomes Sprint Bioscience to First North and to our family of listed companies,” said Adam Kostyal, Senior Vice President and head of European listings at Nasdaq. “Sprint Bioscience will make an interesting addition to our vibrant healthcare sector, and we look forward to supporting the company in its endavour as a publically traded company.”

Sprint Bioscience has appointed Redeye AB as Certified Adviser.

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Håkan Sjögren, Nasdaq holds a presentation at the listing breakfast.











The CEO of Sprint Bioscience, Anders Åberg tolling the opening bell.












Anders Åberg, CEO of Sprint Bioscience  and Håkan Sjögren, Nasdaq together with the framed Nasdaq MarketSite photo.










The Sprint Bioscience team.