Stocholm, July 31, 2014 - NASDAQ OMX (NASDAQ: NDAQ) announces that the trading in LIDDS AB (LIDDS) shares commenced today on First North at NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. LIDDS belongs to the Health Care sector and is the 27th company to be admitted to trading on First North’s Nordic markets (Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Iceland) in 2014.

LIDDS (Local Intelligent Drug Delivery System) is a Swedish pharmaceutical company developing innovative pharmaceutical products based on medical need and its proprietary drug delivery technology. LIDDS was initially founded by researchers and entrepreneurs at Uppsala University, departments of pharmacy and material sciences and University of Gothenburg, departments of urology and oncology, and within the life-science incubator P.U.L.S. AB ( LIDDS is located in Helsingborg, Sweden, in one of Europe’s premiere biotechnology regions. For more information, visit

Interview with the CEO Lars Åke Malmsten(In English)

Marie Parck, NASDAQ OMX holds a presentation at the listing breakfast.

Hans Lennernäs, board member and Lars Åke Malmsten, CEO at LIDDS tolls the bell.

Lars Åke Malmsten received the framed New York, Market site Tower photo.

LIDDS together with their certified adviser from Erik Penser Bank and the NASDAQ OMX staff.