Brighter AB

Stockholm, March 14, 2014

NASDAQ OMX announces that the trading in Brighter AB (BRIG) shares commenced today on First North at NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. Brighter was previously listed at Aktietorget and belongs to the Healthcare sector.

Brighter develops and commercializes innovative solutions for diabetes self-care. Brighter One™ is a patented solution from Brighter which gives the company exclusive rights to produce the world's first handheld device that reduces the number of items a diabetic needs to carry along from five to one. For more information, visit

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Brighters CEO Truls Sjöstedt

Truls Sjöstedt and Marie Parck from NASDAQ OMX

Henrik Norström, Gert Westergren and Truls Sjöstedt from Brighter

The Brighter team together with advisers and the NASDAQ OMX team