Akelius Residential AB

Stockholm, June 5, 2014

NASDAQ OMX announces that the trading in Akelius Residential AB (AKEL PREF) preference shares commenced today on First North at NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. Akelius belongs to the Financials sector and is the 17th company to be admitted to trading on First North’s Nordic markets (Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Iceland) in 2014.

Akelius Residential is a Swedish real estate company. Founded in 1994 Akelius today has 43,000 apartments at a total market value of 47 billion SEK. Sweden is today the company’s largest market representing around 57 percent of the total real estate value. The company’s main business focus is to manage residential properties in attractive, in-demand areas in large and growing cities. The company owns properties in Sweden, Germany, Canada and United Kingdom. For more information, visit www.akelius.se

Interview with Pål Ahlsén, CEO, Akelius

Akelius CEO Pål Ahlsén tolls the bell to open the market

The Akelius management team

A lot of journalist where attending the ceremony to talk to the CEO Pål Ahlsén

Akelius CEO Pål Ahlsén and Marie Parck from NASDAQ OMX