Nasdaq offers Nasdaq Green Designations for its European Main Markets and First North Growth Market, including the Premier Segment, in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. The designations will support increased visibility toward investors looking for sustainable investments.

Nasdaq Green Designations encompass two voluntary designations that companies can apply for

  • Nasdaq Green Equity Designation
  • Nasdaq Green Equity Transition Designation

Nasdaq Green Equity Designation targets companies that have over 50 percent of their turnover derived from activities considered green and continue to invest a significant share in green activities.

Nasdaq Green Equity Transition Designation is attainable for companies with the ambition to transition to become green and have a significant share of their investments allocated to green activities.

For the application, a qualitative assessment is done of the company’s alignment with the Nasdaq Green Equity Principles by a Nasdaq Approved Reviewer. Currently the Approved Reviewers are CICERO Shades of Green and Moody’s ESG Solutions.

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