Exchange Traded Products (ETP) is the collective name for a group of investment and trading products listed by an issuer on Nasdaq. Within the ETP category at Nasdaq, you can find a broad range of products that offer investors investment opportunities with varying risk exposures and underlying assets. The ETP product range covers Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Actively-Managed Funds, Warrants and Certificates.

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Extended trading hours for Warrants and Certificates

Extended trading hours

Nasdaq has extended the trading hours until 21:55 for Warrants and Certificates on the Nordic markets* on First North. Extended trading hours are introduced to address the increased client demand and to align with European market practices. Clients benefit from accessing and trading Warrants and Certificates instruments for longer in the evening and it will provide the retail market with an opportunity to fit their trading around their individual needs.

Based on the products currently in scope, each of the Warrant and Certificate issuers decide which of their instruments will be open for trading in the evening. A list of applicable instruments can be retrieved from Nasdaq.

Products in scope:

  • Warrants
  • Leverage certificates
  • Tracker certificates using Market Maker Order functionality

Evening trading hours**:

  • 8:15-21:55 CET Stockholm
  • 8:15-21:55 CET Helsinki
  • 8:15-21:55 CET Norwegian products under First North Sweden
  • 8:15-21:55 CET Copenhagen

For more information, please contact your broker.

*Nasdaq Nordic represents common offerings by Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd and Nasdaq Stockholm AB.

**Select order books with US underlying may have trading hours from 15:30-21:55 CET.

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