MiFID II Delayed Pre-trade Data Files

Nasdaq makes pre-trade delayed data files for Nasdaq Nordic Exchanges in accordance with the requirements of MiFID and MiFIR. The data is time delayed at 15 minutes and is available as downloadable files in a machine-readable format (csv). Every minute during opening hours 6 files is made available including 15 minutes delayed pre-trade information each including 10 seconds of data for the last consecutive minute. Each file is named by asset class, time stamp and a suffix indicating the seconds interval. For the seconds interval suffix: '0' means first 10 seconds of the relevant minute, '1' means seconds 11-20; etc. Separate files are available for different asset classes. Files are available for 48 hours.

Non-commercial use of the data is free. All other uses of the data including use within commercial products or services may be subject to fees. Please contact dataeurope@nasdaq.com to receive further information.