New Companies 2008

Company 1st day of trading Certified Adviser Market Note
Danfold A/S January 7 Schrøder Lucas & Partnere Copenhagen  
Cryptzone AB February 4 Thenberg & Kinde Fondkommission Stockholm  
Powerflute Oyj February 5 E. Öhman j:or Fondkommission Helsinki  
ProtektorINVEST A/S March 7  Ernest & Young Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab Copenhagen  
EgnsINVEST Ejd. Tyskland A/S April 16 Ernest & Young Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab Copenhagen  
WeSC AB May 19 Swedbank Stockholm  
eWork AB May 22 Avanza Stockholm  
Trygga Hem Skandinavien AB May 27 G&W kaptialförvaltning Stockholm  
World Class AB June 2 Thenberg & Kinde Fondkommission Stockholm  
Suomen Autovakuus Oy July 10 Privanet Pankkiiriliike Oy Helsinki  
Firefly AB October 29 Remium  Stockholm From NGM Equity
Catech AB November 10 Remium Stockholm From NGM Equity
Generic AB November 17 Remium Stockholm From NGM Equity 
Paradox Entertainment AB November 24 Erik Penser Fondkommission Stockholm From NGM Equity
Tretti AB December 1 Avanza Bank AB Stockholm From NGM Equity
3 L System AB December 8 Avanza Bank AB Stockholm From NGM Equity 
Cloetta AB December 8 E. Öhman j:or Fondkommission Stockholm  


End of trading

Company Last day for trading Note Market   
Nordic Service Partners Holding AB January 15 To main market Stockholm  
CISL gruppen AB February 12 Delisted because of repeated offence (by decision from the Disciplinary Committee) Stockholm  
Gymgrossisten AB   February 29 Aquired by MTG AB Stockholm  
Morphic Technologies AB March 4 To Main Market Stockholm  
Swedol AB June 12 To main market Stockholm   
ITAB Shop Concept AB July 8 To main market Stockholm  
Nordic Mines July 18 To Main market Stockholm  
Kontakt East Holding AB July 28 Aquired by Investment AB Kinnevik and Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd, through their jointly owned Swedish company Vosvik AB.


Amago Capital October 16 Delisted Stockholm  
VLT AB October 31 Aquired by Liberala Tidningar i Mellansverige Stockholm  
DTG Sweden AB November 5 Delisted Stockholm  
Ancora Energispar AB November 25 Delisted Stockholm  
SIX AB December 11 Delisted Stockholm  




Company name changes

Company Date New name New short name Market  


PCQT Personal Computer Technology AB January 14 Aqeri Holding AB AQER Stockholm  
Eastpoint AB January 17 Getupdated Internet Marketing AB GIM Stockholm  
24hPoker Holding AB January 21 Entraction Holding AB ENT B Stockholm A/S January 22 Guava A/S GUAVA Copenhagen  
Victoria Park i Malmö AB June 10 Victoria Park AB VICP Stockholm  
Nextlink AB June 11 Invision Headsets AB IVSO Stockholm  
Sky Communication AB July 14 Bredband2 i Skandinavien AB BRE2 Stockholm  
Termoregulator Holding AB July 22 Capilon AB CAPN Stockholm  
NanoCover Scandinavia A/S August 26 NanoCover A/S NANO Copenhagen  
Enlight International AB November 17 Caperio Holding AB CAPE Stockholm  
IT InterGroup A/S November 27 FastPassCorp A/S FASTPC Copenhagen


Avega AB november 24 Avega Group AB AVEG B Stockholm  
Thalamus Networks AB December 3 Hifab Group AB HIFA B Stockholm