VÍS hf.

April 24, 2013

NASDAQ OMX Iceland celebrates the listing of VÍS hf. to the Main Market

NASDAQ OMX announced that the shares of VIS Insurance hf. “VIS”, a Small Cap company within the Financial sector, today began trading on the Main Market of NASDAQ OMX Iceland. VIS is the second company to be listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic this year, but the first on NASDAQ OMX Iceland market. It is also the first insurance company on the Icelandic market. VIS will trade under the ticker symbol VIS.

VIS is one of Iceland’s leading providers of insurance services. The company was founded in February 1989 when two insurance companies merged – Brunabotafelag Islands and Samvinnutryggingar, but it traces its roots to 1917. VIS enjoys a strong position on the Icelandic insurance market with roughly one-third market share. The company offers comprehensive insurance services to their customers where emphasis is placed on advice about insurance coverage, quality of service, efficiency and flexibility. The company operates 41 agencies around the country and employs about 225 employees. VIS employees and agents operate on the company’s core values which are: Caring, Professionalism and Results.

VIS‘s webpage www.vis.is
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Interview with Sigrun Ragna Olafsdottir, CEO of VIS (Icelandic only), (1:50)

Pall Hardarson and Sigrun Ragna Olafsdottir

Sigrun Ragna Olafsdottir tolls the bell.

Sigrun Ragna Ólafsdóttir, CEO of VIS and Pall Hardarson, President of NASDAQ OMX Iceland along with the company‘s board.

Management of VIS