Victoria park

NASDAQ OMX (NASDAQ:NDAQ) announced that Victoria Park AB (short name: VICP), a Small Cap company within the Financials sector, has started trading of its shares on the main market of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. Victoria Park was previously listed at First North and is, including switches, the 14th company to list at NASDAQ OMX’s Nordic main markets in 2013 (NASDAQ OMX Stockholm; Helsinki; Copenhagen; and Iceland).
Victoria Park is a real estate company that focuses on the business areas of lifestyle living and property management. Victoria Park’s real estate portfolio amounts to approximately 261,000 square metres, divided between housing (243,000 sqm) and commercial office space (18,000 sqm). Excluding land, the portfolio had a book value of approximately SEK 1,642m on 30 September 2013. Victoria Park’s aim is to establish itself as a major player in the Swedish housing market. The company invests primarily in housing projects in the growth towns of southern and central Sweden with considerable potential for value appreciation. For more information about Victoria Park visit    
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Victoria Park Listing Ceremony video with Peter Strand, CEO of Victoria Park
(in Swedish)

The CEO of Victoria Park, Peter Strand and Marie Parck, NASDAQ OMX together with the framed NASDAQ OMX Market Site photo.

Marie Parck, NASDAQ OMX hands over the listing crystal to Peter Strand, Victoria Park, marking the first day of trading.

Eddie Juhlin, Fredersen law firm, Andreas Morfiadakis, CFO of Victoria Park and Peter Strand, CEO of Victoria Park beside the opening bell at NASDAQ OMX.  

The Victoria Park team together with the NASDAQ OMX team.