Endomines AB announces secondary offering on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki

May 14, 2013

NASDAQ OMX announced that trading in Endomines AB (ENDOM) shares commenced today on the main market of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. Endomines AB is a small cap company within the sector Basic Materials. Endomines shares have been listed on the main market of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since November 7, 2012. Prior to that, the company was listed on First North Market in Stockholm since 2007.

Endomines AB is a Nordic mining and exploration company with its first operating gold mine in production since February 2011. The mine is located in Pampalo in Eastern Finland, on the Karelian gold Line, a 40 km long gold critical belt, where Endomines controls all currently known gold deposits. The company has several other gold and industrial mineral properties at various stages of development. For more information, visit www.endomines.com.

CEO Markus Ekberg of Endomines commented: “A listing of our shares in Helsinki will make it easier for Finnish investors to invest in our shares. I believe Endomines is an interesting investment for many Finns, since we have shown a steady progress in our gold production since the mining commenced. Also, we have a proven track record of meeting our goals and delivering according to plan”.

Lauri Rosendahl, President of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki said: “We are proud to welcome Endomines AB to our exchange here in Helsinki. A secondary listing will enhance the company’s visibility and access to new investors in particular in Finland where mining industry dynamics are developing well. We are pleased to support Endomines in all stages of their growth, and provide the platform they need to raise capital and create shareholder value.”

Endomines AB has appointed Pareto Öhman as financial advisor and Cederquist as legal advisor to Endomines in connection with the listing.

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  Head of Communications & IR Fredrik Dahlström (left), CEO Markus Ekberg and CFO Börje Lindén of Endomines AB at the exchange old trading room door just prior to the start of the trading of Endomines AB share on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

CEO Markus Ekberg of Endomines AB rang the bell to sign the start of the trading.

CEO Markus Ekberg (left), President Lauri Rosendahl of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, and Kimmo Viertola of Teollisuussijoitus.

After the bell ringing, from left: Kimmo Viertola of Teollisuussijoitus, Lauri Rosendahl of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, Börje Lindén, Markus Ekberg and Petter Dahlström of Endomines AB, and Juha Peltonen of Equity Sales of Pareto Securities.