February 22, 2012

NASDAQ OMX Stockholm today lists a new actively managed ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) from Alpcot Capital Management. The “Alpcot Active Greater Russia ETF” (short name: AAGR) is a UCITS IV compliant fund that invests in the securities of issuers based in the ‘Greater Russia’ region, i.e. Russia and other CIS region states.

The Alpcot Active Greater Russia ETF fund’s portfolio is separated into disclosed portfolio securities (DPS) and non-disclosed portfolio securities (NDPS). Alpcot will daily disclose the portfolio’s DPS, which will typically amount to as much as 80 per cent of the portfolio), but will not reveal the NDPS. This partial disclosure will enable Alpcot to employ effective and active investment management and mitigate the risks of being exposed to front running and portfolio duplication. The Alpcot Active Greater Russia ETF will use a market maker to ensure daily posting of bid and ask prices.

Follow the Alpcot Active Russia ETF here and learn more about ETFs here

See the interview with Oscar Berglund at Alpcot Capital Management.

About Alpcot
Alpcot is an independent investment management company launched in 2005 by a group of investment professionals with significant experience of investing in Eastern Europe. The manager has over US$300m in assets under management across asset classes, and has offices in London, Moscow and Kiev.

Oscar Berglund, Partner and Portfolio Manager at Alpcot Capital Management is welcomed to NASDAQ OMX by Jenny Rosberg, NASDAQ OMX.
Hannes Sjöblad, Deputy Managing Director at Alpcot Agro is tolling the bell together with Oscar Berglund.
Hannes Sjöbland and Oscar Berglund is waiting for the first trade in the Alpcot Active Greater Russia ETF.
The Alpcot team together with the NASDAQ OMX team.