March 16, 2011

NASDAQ OMX (NASDAQ:NDAQ) today launched trading in a new series of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) from SEB. The ETF portfolio from SEB is named SpotR and today (March 16) three new ETFs were listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm: SpotR OMXS30, SpotR Bull OMXS30 and SpotR Bear OMXS30.

All three ETFs track the OMXS30 (OMX Stockholm 30) index, which is calculated by NASDAQ OMX and comprises the 30 most actively traded companies on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. The Bull and Bear products are leveraged ETFs that offer twice the return of the daily change in the underlying OMXS30 index. The leverage increases the chance for higher return but also the risk level and is intended primarily for experienced customers.


An ETF fund is a security that tracks an index, a commodity or a basket of assets, at the same time as it is traded as a share on an exchange.


Peter Dahlgren, Global Manager, Institutional Customers, SEB Asset Management, is welcomed by Jenny Rosberg Senior Vice President, NASDAQ OMX.

Peter Dahlgren is signing the guestbook.

SEB tolling the bell together. From the left: Marie Löfdahl, Claes Eliasson, Peter Dahlgren and Sara Hanvik.
The SEB team is celebrating the first day of trading together with NASDAQ OMX.