Vigmed Holding AB

February 15, 2013

NASDAQ OMX announces that the trading in Vigmed Holding AB (short name: VIG) shares will commence today on First North at NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. Vigmed belongs to the Healthcare sector and is the second company to be admitted to trading on First North in 2013.

Vigmed is a Swedish Medical Device Company focused on developing cost-effective and safe solutions for preventing needle stick injuries in healthcare, e.g., IV-cannula, syringes, blood collection needles and lancets. The company’s patented technology is designed to offer optimum safety without hampering operator precision and compliance.

“Through our listing at First North we are able to further capitalize Vigmed’s core business in order to support continued expansion,” said Vigmed’s CEO Mr. Finn Ketler. “We have a long-term business plan that we believe will benefit from the transparent environment that a public listing offers by allowing us grow the ownership-base and build value over time.”

“It is rewarding to see yet another innovative Swedish company join First North and we welcome Vigmed to the NASDAQ OMX family of companies,” said Emelie Jarnesten, head of NASDAQ OMX First North. “In spite of a slowdown in listings First North continues to attract entrepreneurial companies with the ambition to leverage the unique investor exposure advantages of a publicly traded environment.”

Vigmed Holding AB has appointed Remium Nordic AB as Certified Adviser.

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Watch an interview with Vigmed's CEO Finn Ketler. (3:31)

Finn Ketler, CEO of Vigmed together with Lennart Holm, Chairman of the Board of Vigmed are watching the trading screen.  

The Vigmed management team tolls the bell to open the market

Finn Ketler, Vigmed receives the frame with the first execution print from Emelie Jarnesten, NASDAQ OMX.

The Vigmed team together with their certified adviser, Remium and the NASDAQ OMX team.