NASDAQ OMX Welcomes Medical Prognosis Institute to List on First North Market

Copenhagen October 8, 2013

NASDAQ OMX (NASDAQ: NDAQ) announces that Medical Prognosis Institute will be admitted to trading on First North Copenhagen. Medical Prognosis Institute will be traded under the shortname MPI within the Healthcare sector. Medical Prognosis Institute will be the 12th new company admitted to trading on First North Nordic this year. First North is an alternative marketplace for growth companies and has been operated by NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen since 2005.

Since 2004, Medical Prognosis Institute, a Danish IT-Medico company, has developed a method to improve the diagnostics process and drug treatment of cancer patients. DRP, Drug Response Prediction, is a Companion Diagnostics-product which can predict which patients will respond to a drug and can also predict which disease or indication has the highest fraction of responders. Limiting the clinical trial population to those patients who are predicted to respond to a new drug dramatically increases the probability of successful phase III drug development.

Interview with MPI CEO Peter Buhl Jensen:

Carsten Borring Head of Listing & Capital Markets welcomes CEO Peter Buhl Jensen to First North Copenhagen

Carsten Borring signs the MPI First North listing poster together with CEO Peter Buhl Jensen and CSO Steen Knudsen

CEO Peter Buhl Jensen

CSO Steen Knudsen