aXichem AB

Stockholm, November 27, 2013

NASDAQ OMX announces that the trading in aXichem AB (AXIC A) shares commenced today on First North at NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. aXichem was previously listed at Aktietorget. aXichem belongs to the Basic Materials sector and is the 15th company to be admitted to trading on First North in 2013.

aXichem is a Swedish limited liability company based in Lund, Sweden. The company has developed a patented environmental technology that acts to protect the environment for the emission of harmful pollutants. To learn more about the company visit

Video interview with Torsten Helsing, CEO of aXichem
(in Swedish)

CEO Torsten Helsing tolls the bell

Torsten Helsing together with Marie Parck from NASDAQ OMX

aXichems CEO Torsten Helsing