The NASDAQ OMX Valueguard-KTH Housing Index(TM) is based on a statistical model that compensates for different types of homes sold during various periods. The aim is to provide as accurate a picture as possible of the actual underlying price trends.

The index offers a basis for new financial products such as insurance of the market value of housings and home saver accounts that follow developments on the housing market. The value of the underlying product – Swedish flats and single family homes – is large and comparable to the total value of all registered companies.

NASDAQ OMX Valueguard-KTH index family is developed to accurately track the price development of the housing market. There are separate indexes for flats and single family homes in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe as well as for medium-sized cities. There are also composite indexes for flats and single family homes in Sweden as well as HOXSWE, which is a capitalization-weighted price index for both flats and single family homes. For further information regarding how the indexes are constructed, please visit the Valueguard homepage.

Housing Indexes