Nasdaq Nordic Listing Highlights 2016

Nasdaq welcomed 94 new listings to its Nordic markets in 2016, including both large cap IPOs and a particularly strong inflow of small and medium sized companies (SMEs). Together, the Nordic listings raised 7.8 billion Euros, and the activity level has been similar to what Nasdaq Nordic experienced during the record year of 2015. We would like to thank all listed companies for a great year!

Look at the highlights from the recent year in this summary.

A company can be listed on either the main market or the growth market, First North.

The main market is regulated and follows EU directives and is suited for companies that can adhere to the highest standards for reporting, transparency and accountability. The main market is divided into the segments Large, Mid and Small Cap. The segment refers to the companies market cap.

A main market listing can be on Nasdaq Copenhagen, Nasdaq Helsinki, Nasdaq Stockholm or Nasdaq Iceland.

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The growth market, Nasdaq First North, has less extensive reporting requirements and is a starting place for smaller companies to reach the capital markets, to grow and to work towards a listing on the main market. The First North market provides companies more room to focus on their business and development while still taking advantage of all the positive aspects of being a listed company. Every company on First North has a Certified Adviser to ensure that companies comply with all requirements and rules.

The First North market runs parallel to the main market, where the shares are traded in a single trading system. This allows approximately 200 European trading members of Nasdaq to easily trade on our two markets.

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Digital Listing Book

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