First North Information

Nasdaq First North is an alternative market, operated by the different exchanges within Nasdaq. It does not have the legal status as an EU-regulated market. Companies at First North are subject to the rules of First North and not the legal requirements for admission to trading on a regulated market. The risk in such an investment may be higher than on the main market.

Important information for First North NOK

Financial instruments on First North NOK market have been admitted to trading on another regulated market or multilateral trading facility (“MTF”) based on the application of the issuer (the “primary market place”). The issuer of the financial instrument is therefore subject to the applicable disclosure requirements of that primary market place and the legislation of the issuer’s home member state. The issuer is not subject to the disclosure requirements of First North. Nasdaq will oversee compliance with trading rules and other rules and regulations applicable to trading on Nasdaq. Nasdaq will not exercise any surveillance with respect to disclosure requirements applicable to the issuer of the financial instrument.